Baisha is the only Kenting beach on the west side of the peninsula, about 500 meters long, 40 meters wide, the white beach is formed by shell sand and embraced by the beautiful coral reefs. You can take a walk along the shore, enjoy the view of blue sky and ocean, the calm waves make it the suitable spot for swimming and scuba diving. The longest bike trail in Taiwan starts from Baisha, the trail belongs to the territory of Kenting National Park, without the barrier of architecture, you are able to have a great sight of tropical plants along with your bike tour.
Guanshan is formed by the ridgy coral reefs, with the high altitude, the sun set view here makes Guanshan one of the great eight views of southern Taiwan. It is a wonderful spot for overview the coast line. A temple on Guanshan called Kaoshanyan, with caves aside which formed by coral reefs, you are able to reach the significant sights flying stone and divine turtle rock through the path by the west side of the temple. The flying stone is a reef rock in the shape of a casque which caused by corrosion difference. The divine turtle rock is a naturally formed coral reef, visitors would tie a red ribbon on it, praying for fortune of marriage, career and pass the examinations.
Houbihu is the biggest fishing harbor in Kentig National Park, and has the largest yacht wharf in Taiwan. Local residents and tourists always come for fresh seafood from the fishing boats just retuning. Houbuhu is a great spot for fishing, water activities and there are tourist semi-submersibles which take you to a submarine tour. Houbihu is the outfall of The Third Nuclear Power Plant, the sea area from Maobitou to Houbihu is a special scenery part of Kenting National Park, you can see soft coral and hard coral through the clear water, also various of colorful tropical fish, eels, shrimps, clams and seaweed. It is ideal for divers as well.
The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is located within Kenting National Park of Pingtung, Taiwan. This region of the Pacific Ocean near the north end of the Southeastern Asia Coral Reef Triangle is known for having high marine species diversity and dynamic oceanic currents, which provide abundant resources. Since its opening in 2000, NMMBA has actively conducted scientific research and constructed exhibitions, all for the purpose of providing meaningful education about the ocean.
Maobitou is an excellent place to appreciate magnificent ocean views and watch coral seashore being crashed by the waves. The coast of coral reefs features spectacular landforms that are affected by wave erosion, efflorescence, and salt-soaking. The natural landscapes such as wave erosion caves, ditches, and pillars are amazing sceneries that shall not miss out while visiting Kenting. Also, the sunset views here at Maobitou are one of the eight notable sceneries of Hengchun.
Chuhuo Natural Fire
As its meaning in Chinese, Chuhuo is place where natural gas leaks to the surface and ignites. Belonging to Kenting shale, Chuhuo contains many fissures. The best time to visit here is in dry winter since the fissures are often blocked by mud during wet summer.